A croí? A stor? Can you guess the top terms of endearment in Ireland?

You might think that terms of affection in Ireland would have some base in tradition, such as a croí (my heart) or a stór (my treasure), but it turns out that’s not the case. “Babes” is the most common term of affection used among Irish couples.

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"The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show," on the TodayFM radio station, carried out a poll of Irish lovers following a similar survey in the UK and found that their most popular pet name is “darling.”

So! Babes it is! I don’t think anyone was very impressed with that result. Frankly, it brings to mind US reality TV shows and airheads.

Here’s the top five from the poll:

  1.  Babes
  2.  Princess
  3.  Puddin'
  4.  Honeybunny
  5.  Queen

Princess? Queen? Really!?

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We’re of the opinion we need to go old school and bring back the Irish terms of endearment.

Here is a small sample that would definitely fly:

  •  “A stór” (uh stohr): Literally means “my treasure”
  •  “A ghrá” (uh GHRAH): Meaning, “Love.”
  •  “A chroí” (uh KHREE): Meaning “Heart”
  •  “A mhuirnín” (uh WUR-neen): Meaning “Darling”
  •  “Mo shíorghrá” (muh HEER-ggrah): meaning “My Eternal Love”
  •  “M’fhíorghrá” (MEER-ggrah): meaning “My True Love”

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Come on folks! Anything has to be better than “Babes”!

* Originally published in October 2014. 

What pet names do you and your loved one use? Share in the comments!

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