Mayo, potatoes, loo roll -- Ireland keeps it creative when it comes to trick-or-treating!

"I never knew my kid will be coming home from trick or treating screaming 'Mum I got mayo look! I got mayo! A MAYO!'," the Reddit user posted after Halloween.

"The little mayo dip from McDonald's."

"Trick or treating was amazing this year. Besides tons of sweets my kids came home with apples, a banana, a pear, a fruit pouch, a yogurt bar, and so on.

"And the mayo.

"They don't remember what house it was so I just want to say thanks here and maybe the cool person will see it.

"So if you gave mayo to my little tinkerbell please let me tell you my kids love you, it absolutely made their day. Thanks x"

In response, one person posted "You're a better person than me, I'd have been like, 'What the hellman?'", opening up the floodgates for some mayo-themed puns.

Meanwhile, other people responded with unique stories of their own, including one person who hilariously handed out a roll of loo roll (toilet paper). 

"Last year we had a wee boy in amongst a group of around 9-11 ask for a trick so I gave him a loo roll. Got some laugh off the other wee boys but then they all wanted one," the Reddit user said. 

Another Reddit user revealed that they placed five small potatoes amongst a selection of candy, stating that all of the potatoes were taken by the end of the night, while some sweets remained. 

Trick or treat! (Getty Images)

Trick or treat! (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, another parent revealed that their kids "yelled for joy" when they received ramen and a bottle of water while trick-or-treating. 

Another parent revealed that their kids got so many sweets that they were "relieved" when they received "non-sweet stuff," including condiments, potatoes, and stickers. 

One Reddit user recalled that his nephew had received a Brussels sprout as a trick. 

"There’s some really evil-minded people about, just think of the trauma that poor lad would suffer if he ate it!" 

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