What are Ireland's bank holidays for 2023?

Ireland has ten bank holidays this year, 2023, including the brand new addition of St. Brigid's Day, which was observed on February 6.

Now that it's St. Stephen's Day, we thought we'd look back on Ireland's bank holidays of 2023.

Ireland's bank holidays for 2023:

New Year's Day - Monday, January 2

With New Year's Day 2023 falling on a Sunday, this holiday was observed in Ireland on Monday, January 2, marking the first of several three-day weekends people in Ireland will be treated to this year.

St. Brigid's Day - Friday, February 6

A new bank holiday, the St. Brigid's Day bank holiday takes place on the first Monday after February 1. 

2023 is the first year that the St. Brigid's Day bank holiday took place after the Irish Government instead announced a Day of Remembrance and Recognition on the day after St. Patrick's Day last year. 

St. Patrick's Day - Friday, March 17

Ireland's national holiday St. Patrick's Day fell a Friday in 2023, giving people a long weekend to enjoy the festivities. 

Easter Monday - Monday, April 10

While most people have Good Friday off as well, it is not an official bank holiday, leaving Easter Monday as the Easter bank holiday. 

May Day / May Bank Holiday - Monday, May 1 

The May Bank Holiday traditionally falls on the first Monday of May, which happens to be the first day of the month in 2023. Summer is finally here!

June Bank Holiday - Monday, June 5

Also falling on the first Monday of the month, the June Bank Holiday is usually seen as the start of summer. Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations generally begin two days after the June Bank Holiday. 

August Bank Holiday - Monday, August 7

Likewise, the August Bank Holiday falls on the first Monday of the month and is one of the most popular weekends for getaways in Ireland. 

October Bank Holiday - Monday, October 30

On the other hand, the October Bank Holiday falls on the last Monday of the month and almost always takes place after the clocks go back an hour, signaling the start of darker and colder months ahead. 

Christmas Day - Monday, December 25

The only day when pubs close in Ireland, Christmas Day is the staple bank holiday that almost every shop and company follows. You will find stores and restaurants open on other bank holidays throughout the year but not on Christmas Day, except for a select few grocery stores. 

St. Stephen's Day - Tuesday, December 26

The last bank holiday of the year, St. Stephen's Day is popular among late-night revelers and horse racing fans alike. The hugely popular Leopardstown Christmas Festival begins on December 26, while pubs and clubs across the country tend to be jam-packed.