In a heart-warming Christmas week story, a small donkey named Snowie was successfully rescued by the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service after getting stuck in a muddy drain in Co Antrim.

On Saturday afternoon, officers of the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service were called out by Snowie the donkey's owner to help rescue the animal who had become stuck.

"Antrim On-Call crew attended an incident involving a donkey stuck in a drain," NIFRS North wrote on Facebook on Saturday, December 16.

"Using manual handling techniques and improvisation the crew successfully rescued the donkey. Well done to all."

Snowie was hoisted to safety from the ditch using straps and a small digger. Once she was stabilized, the officers rewarded the donkey with some Ginger Nut biscuits.

Posted by Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service on Monday, December 18, 2023

The donkey's owner Tanya Bates praised the officers' efforts, commenting on how "considerate" they were. 

"I can’t emphasise enough how grateful my family are to all who came to assist with Snowie’s rescue yesterday," Bates commented on the NIFRS Facebook post.

"NIFRS North were incredibly quick to respond, and very considerate of Snowie’s condition.

"She’s since been warmed up, dried off and treated for her injuries - she fared well overnight and is much happier today!

"Fantastic work by the team and thanks again - I hope you all have the loveliest Christmas!"

This good news story touched many people's hearts.

On Facebook, Clare McDaid posted: "Awhhh well done the poor wee thing was probably terrified. These hero’s never get enough credit for what they do. And it just shows that poor animal was just as important as a human being. Not all hero’s wear capes is a true saying."

Amanda Quinn "Awww poor baby. Hope it gets a bit of coziness and kindness like you guys."

While Sabrina O Hare wrote "The gingernuts lol a lovely ending to a scary incident. Well done all."