An Irish man has set an ambitious target of visiting every Irish bar in the world, an estimated total of 6,500 bars around the world. 

Kerry native Colm Dalton has already visited over 100 bars in more than 35 countries as he takes on the daunting challenge of traveling to Irish pubs as far away as Singapore and Indonesia. 

Dalton told LadBible that his idea to visit every pub in the world began with a "morbid curiosity" about what Irish pubs are like in different cities around the world, adding that he spent a lot of time "eating Taytos" in different pubs in his native Kerry when he was a kid. 

Dalton revealed that he has found some of his favorite Irish pubs in unexpected locations, including the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and a shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Speaking of his experience in the Azores pub - named Ned Kelly's - Dalton said he received Guinness in a "proper Guinness glass", adding that he received table service, which he described as "the Rolls Royce of any Irish pub". 

As for the Jakarta pub, Dalton said he spent three hours looking for the place on a tuc-tuc and was shocked to discover that it "looked really like an Irish pub". 

On the other hand, Dalton has experienced his fair share of disappointing Irish pubs on his travels, noting a particularly poor experience at a pub in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

"We were just sitting here on our own with 20 minutes not getting served and when the service is really bad, that's how you know," Dalton told LadBible, adding that it was an immediate red flag that the pub was simply called "Irish Pub". 

Perhaps naturally, Dalton said he struggles to remember his experiences in every Irish pub that he visits and has consequently started a blog to avoid forgetting important details. 

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