A Canadian TikToker went viral after speaking with an accent that sounds like it comes straight out of Ireland. 

Based in Southern Shore, Newfoundland, the man behind the Harbour Customs TikTok account is causing a stir for speaking with an authentic-sounding Irish brogue. 

Addressing comments from his followers about his accent, he said he was "only 3,000 miles away from Ireland and that would be why we sound how we sound". 

@harbourcustoms Sure it only makes sense don't it? #Newfoundland #Ireland #Canada #accent #Irish #Newfie ♬ original sound - HarbourCustoms

In a separate video addressing "a proper thick" fog in Newfoundland, the man sounds as though he is talking about a scene in the west of Ireland. 

@harbourcustoms Coulda walked back offshore sure @eddiesheerr #wx #weather #fog #newfoundland #canada ♬ original sound - HarbourCustoms

"You sound pure Irish. Lol I’m from Ireland n u sound like yer man up the road," one follower commented. 

"This is the most Cork accent I've heard from someone not from Cork. love it," said another. 

Irish in Newfoundland

Irish migration to Newfoundland dates back to 1536 and over 22% of Newfoundlanders claim Irish heritage today. Newfoundland holds a rich history of immigration, with various waves of people shaping its cultural landscape. Among these immigrant groups, the Irish have played a significant role, leaving an indelible mark on the province's history, economy, and society.

Irish immigration to Newfoundland peaked during the 19th century. At that time, Ireland faced economic hardships, political unrest, and the devastating effects of the Great Famine (1845-1852).

Irish historian Tim Pat Coogan once described the province as the "most Irish place outside of Ireland". 

Settlers who arrived in Newfoundland from Cork often grouped together, ensuring that the Irish accent has survived among their descendants, even if they never traveled to Ireland. 

Newfoundland is also the only place outside Europe that boasts an Irish-language name. 

Fogo Island, the province's largest offshore island, is home to a distinctly Irish community, with present-day descendants of Irish ancestors speaking with the most authentic of Irish accents.

Located on the east of the island, the small fishing village of Tilting boasts an Irish-language sign "Fáilte go Tilting" (Welcome to Tilting). 

* Originally published in 2022, updated in June 2023.