"A Compendium of Irish Pints” by Ali Dunworth is the June 2024 selection for the IrishCentral Book Club.

Each month, we will pick a new Irish book or a great book by an Irish author and celebrate the amazing ability of the Irish to tell a good story for the IrishCentral Book Club.

Released in May 2024 by Irish publishing house Nine Bean Rows, Dunworth's debut book "A Compendium of Irish Pints" documents the history of our relationship with pints and is a homage to every type of pint occasion you can imagine - including the non-occasions.

Of her debut book, Dunworth says: "'A Compendium of Irish Pints' is my attempt to capture some of the magic, the lore, the love and the craic of going for pints in Ireland.

"I wanted to write about Irish pints as a cultural phenomenon but also write about pints and pubs in the way we actually talk about them and enjoy them.

"From the pint's historic roots to how it’s become a cultural cornerstone in Ireland, it’s full of nostalgia, observations, facts, cosy pubs and clinking glasses.

"I hope it offers a snapshot of our current pint and pub culture while acknowledging the challenges our beloved pubs face in a changing landscape.” 

Back in April, Dunworth shared an extract of "A Compendium of Irish Pints" with IrishCentral - check it out here.

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Synopsis of “A Compendium of Irish Pints” by Ali Dunworth

In "A Compendium of Irish Pints," journalist (and pint lover) Ali Dunworth delves into the culture, customs and craic surrounding pints in Ireland.

Beginning with the birth of beer and traversing through Ireland’s unique drinking journey from the Brehon Laws to invasions, Ali shares why ‘going for a pint’ means so much more than just going for a pint.  

From the ubiquitous airport and after-work pints to the importance of beer mats, seeking out pints in snugs, discussing hangovers or eating crisps for dinner, Ali leaves no type of pint unturned (or undrunk!).

Covering etiquette to expressions, pints for celebrations and pints for commiserations, festival pints, old man’s pubs and everything in between, "A Compendium of Irish Pints" shows why this popular beverage is integral to Irish society and why it has been migrating further afield.

With illustrations by Stephen Heffernan, aka Hephee, that perfectly captures the culture of pints in his iconic style, you’ll find yourself working up a thirst and sending that text we all love to get: ‘Fancy a pint?’

Ali Dunworth. (Photographer Mel Mullan)

Ali Dunworth. (Photographer Mel Mullan)

About Ali Dunworth

Ali Dunworth is a writer, journalist, consultant, and events curator who loves writing and talking about food and drink so much that she’s made a career out of it. She started out working in hospitality before a career behind the scenes in food TV. In between TV productions, she always returned to bar and restaurant work, either waiting tables, making drinks or back in the kitchen. There was even a year spent cooking at Lord’s Cricket Ground and another running butchers in Melbourne.

As a freelance food, drink, and travel writer, Ali contributes to the Irish Times, Food & Wine Magazine, and many others. She also curates and hosts numerous Irish food events and festival stages.

At the heart of everything Ali does is great local food and drink and a hunger for the stories that go with them. Cooking, writing, storytelling, washing up, pouring pints, writing about pints – she’s done them all, and as a freelancer, she’s always prepared to do any of them again.

You can follow her on Instagram, @alidunworth.