If you feel like the last year and a half of campaigning, debating, and frustrating speech-making, has aged you and you’re now in need of something extra special to prevent it taking any kind of permanent toll on your psyche, Kerry-man Liam Counihan may have the perfect product for you: An Irish Peat Bath.  

Peat is something that Ireland has used for centuries to heat homes and while its use as a fuel may be questionable with what we now know about fossil fuels, there are other ways in which this natural resource can be used that may actually preserve our bodies instead of placing them in danger.

Used in health baths throughout central Europe for centuries, and now also in spas throughout the world, the residue of ancient plants and flowers contained within bogland may be the best organic compound to relax both our body and mind.

Describing the product as “the most natural product you will ever use”, Counihan is selling batches of “Danú Ishka” fresh from the mountains around Killarney, Co. Kerry, claiming it will rid your body of all its toxins, improve your wellbeing, and possibly even see positive results on rashes such as such as acne, atopic rash, or psoriasis.

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Named after the ancient Celtic goddess of fertility Danú, and a phonetic spelling of the Irish word “uisce” meaning “water”, the Danú Ishka peat baths and foot soaks can be bought through Counihan’s online shop in ones, threes, sixes, or even by the tubful.

For those of us raised in the Irish Midlands, for whom the very thought of peat means long, tiring days footing turf or bringing it home for the winter, the idea that somebody would want to the bath in the stuff may seem like the last thing one could ever desire to do, but it has worked wonders in preserving bog bodies throughout Ireland, so there may be more to it than we thought.

“The peat is mined at a depth between four and five thousand years old and is located in an area in Kilcummin called Inchicorrigane,” Counihan writes on his website.  

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“This bogland has been in our family for nearly 200 hundred years but it was not known until now the therapeutic benefits of the peat within.”

Have you ever had a peat bath? Would you be willing to give one a go? Let us know in the comments section, below.