The weather this summer has been hit and miss, to be polite, but some folks are making hay while the wind blows.

Ireland’s been getting blasted with flash floods and heavy gales this week but that’s no need to stay indoors. Waterford man Sean Murphy was filmed jumping from Tramore beach to the area’s back strand while kite surfing. While literally flying mid-air Murphy was cheered on by his friends, clearly impressed by his stunt.

The 11-second breathtaking clip was shared by Rolf Power on Facebook. So far it’s been viewed over 127,000 times and shared over 1,600 times.

According to “Sean Murphy has been considered one of the best and most innovative kiteboarders of his generation in Ireland. The Tramore Beach to Back Strand jump is no shorter than 50 meters.”

To give you some idea of the wind in Ireland this week, Irish Ferries Jonathan Swift vessel, with 650 people on board was attempting to start its journey from Dublin to Holyhead on Tuesday. However RTE reported that the ship “was blown back on to its berth by gale force winds.” Madness!

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of wind, says Murphy: