Thinking of moving to the Emerald Isle? here are some suggested places, some off the beaten track, to consider moving to:

1. Galway

The most wonderful city of the west. A college town with a wonderful arts festival in June, then the Galway races festival in July/August. Lively, cultural, and still an intimate small town in many ways.

2. Dingle

Wild, isolated, wonderful. The festivals in the summer are mighty craic, but the scenery and sense of an ancient world are incredible. There’s Fungie the Dolphin too.

3. Dunmore East

Quaint little fishing village on the Waterford Coast, beautiful at sunset or anytime, great restaurants and nightlife in an intimate setting.

4. Kinsale

Marvelous Cork seaside town with the best restaurants in Ireland, wonderful fishing and cobblestone streets that give you that centuries old feeling.

5. Belfast

Yes, the former capital of The Troubles is now a wonderful growing city with culture, craic and prices are half what you find in Dublin down the road. The people are pretty interesting too and the escape North to the Ulster Highlands is breathtaking.

6. Clogherhead

Little seaside village in County Louth just 40 miles or so from Dublin but a lifetime away. Beautiful scenery with the Cooley Mountains in the backdrop.

7. Westport

Beautiful Mayo town that is a magnet during the summer for tourists with its cute painted shops and homes and fabulous downtown. The center of artistic life in Mayo and a wonderful backdrop of mountains and seas

8. Skerries

This seaside town is just 15 miles from Dublin but it feels like 150 miles from the capital. Beautiful beaches and long coastal walks as well as a great community feeling, despite proximity to the big smoke.

9. Warrenpoint

The beautiful Northern seaside town where Dublin and Belfast are almost equidistant. Unspoiled and beautiful with Carlingford Lough And the Mountains of Mourne towering overhead.

10. New Ross

Tucked in on Wexford coast, the ancestral home of the Kennedys and the Irish America Hall of Fame Museum, the American festival every July 4th is wonderful, but there is a lot going on year round. Americans especially welcome here.

Have you moved to Ireland from America? Where did you move to? Let us know about your experience in the comments section. 


Wonderful locations that would make your life heaven. Above: Dingle Marina, Co. Kerry. iStock