What's the best airline for flying to Ireland? We want to know what you think.

Everyone has slightly different priorities when it comes to air travel. For some, it's all about the ticket price, while other travelers place a greater premium on convenience or perks. Some folks pledge brand loyalty, while others are all about getting those hacker fares. 

The past few years have been particularly exciting when it comes to options for traveling to Ireland. Aer Lingus has announced a slew of new routes, while budget airlines Norwegian and WOW have shaken up the market, leading competitors to offer budget options, too. Recent reports indicate that JetBlue may even get in on the transatlantic action

With so many airlines to choose from, we want to know: which is your favorite for flying to and from Ireland? 

Cast your vote in the poll below and tell us what you think in the comment section. If you have a few favorites, you can vote for each of them. And if you don't see yours listed, select "Other" and write it in. 

Happy voting and travels! 

What's your favorite airline for flying to Ireland?
American Airlines
Aer Lingus
British Airways
Air Canada
Ethiopian Air
Air France
Norwegian Air
United Airlines
WOW! Air
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