If you're planning on traveling to one of these cities to celebrate St. Patrick's Day,  be aware you might end up paying big bucks for a hotel stay!

Ahead of the iconic Irish holiday, the language learning website Preply has analyzed hotel prices in Ireland and the US between March 16 and 17 to find the cities with the biggest St. Patrick's Day price hikes.

Using the information on Booking.com, researchers looked at the 10 biggest cities in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as the 25 biggest cities in the United States, to find the locations with the biggest spikes in hotel prices over the St. Patrick's Day holiday. 

The study identified Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as the city in the country with the biggest price jumps around St. Patrick’s Day, followed by Chicago, Illinois.

Philadelphia had a 51.2%  spike on average for the same room in the same hotel, while hotels in Chicago saw a 26.1% increase.

Columbus, Ohio ranked third with an average premium of 21.5% for a hotel night on March 17 compared to the same room on March 16. 

Denver, Colorado and Fort Worth, Texas took the fourth and fifth spots on the US list, with spikes of 21.3% and 21.2%, respectively. 

Overall, Belfast has the biggest spike in hotel prices for St. Patrick’s Day in both Ireland and the US, with hotel prices jumping a whopping 60.6%.

Philadelphia came in second overall, followed by Galway, Derry, and Craigavon in Co Armagh with spikes of 38.6%, 38.4%, and 35%, respectively. 

To determine the biggest spikes in hotel prices, Preply calculated the average price of a hotel room in each city for each of the days and calculated a percentage of price change between the two days. The analysis was completed in February 2023.