Ireland has never been so popular as a vacation destination and as IrishCentral is the largest Irish website outside of the Emerald Isle we decided to check out what your Irish holiday plans for 2019 might be!

Ireland, an island the size of Idaho state, off the coast of Europe, has always punched above its weight but its tourism industry is simply blooming. Last year 2018, saw yet another record-breaking year with an estimated 11.2 million people from overseas taking vacations in Ireland.

To put this into perspective it’s good to remember some facts about Ireland. For example, the population of the island of Ireland is just 6.6 million and the island itself is just 302 miles long!

From the Guinness Storehouse to Galway city, to small picturesque villages along the Wild Atlantic Way, to locations made famous by shows such as the “Game of Thrones” and blockbuster movies filmed on our shores, Ireland is a world favorite! And let’s be honest the people aren’t so bad either!

What we want to know is your plans. Will you be one of the 12 million plus visitors expected to travel to Ireland in 2019? Take our quick survey below and let us know.

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