Ireland is one of the safest countries in Europe for travelers, according to a new study by

Ireland is one of the safest European countries due to its low number of homicides and sexual violence, the recent study found.

 The study looked at nine metrics that contribute towards how safe an area may be, such as homicides, assaults, road fatalities, natural disaster risk, and global peace index.

Each country was given a score out of 10 for each factor, which was then totaled to provide a score on the safety index. The lower the score, the safer the country.

Switzerland was ranked as safest place in Europe, followed by Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Luxembourg.

Ireland was given a safety index score of 51.5, placing it number seventh on the list.

Gamblino writes: "Ireland is a nation filled with natural beauty and enveloped in history, culture and tradition. The capital Dublin is a touristy hot spot with the famous Temple Bar, Guinness factory as well as various museums and castles that make it a great place to travel to.

"On top of this, travelers can ensure their safety as there are a low number of homicides (0.87 per 100,000) and sexual violence (60.9 per 100,000) in comparison to most of Europe."

The top10 safest countries in Europe, ranked by safety index scores, are:

  1. Switzerland  45 
  2.  Iceland  47.4 
  3. Norway  47.9 
  4. Denmark 49.4 
  5. Luxembourg  50 
  6. Finland 51.2 
  7. Ireland   51.5 
  8. Netherlands  52 
  9. Austria   52.1 
  10. Sweden  52.2 

A spokesperson from commented: “When choosing great travel destinations, it's important that travelers are well informed on the countries they are traveling to, including how safe a place is.

"Europe offers incredible opportunities for travelers who wish to see the diverse landscapes, architecture, ecosystems and cultures that exist across the continent.  

"However, it's important to remain vigilant while traveling anywhere, as tourists can often be targeted by criminals.

"So, whether you are traveling alone, with friends or family, it's imperative to be aware of any potential dangers and do what you can to remain safe.”