A new study shows that Ireland is one of the most admired countries in the world. 

Ireland placed 11th as the best place out of 55 countries, according to research by The Reputation Institute. 

Ireland ranked ahead of the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and France and the US in the Country RepTrak study, which was compiled by the Reputation Institute and its Irish counterpart, the Reputations Agency, the Irish Times reports.

Canada placed number one, regaining the top spot from Switzerland this year.

Over 48,000 people across the G8 countries were surveyed via an online poll. ‘Effective government,’ ‘appealing environment,’ and advanced economy’ were also taken into account, reports Joe.ie.

Ireland ranked number nine for its “friendly and welcoming people” and  placed number six for having a “beautiful country.”

“An increasingly globalised world with intensified competition makes country reputation matter more than ever,” said Niamh Boyle, managing director of the Reputations Agency.

“Attracting tourists, FDI and high-skilled workforce, improving international diplomacy, and being able to sell Irish products abroad, are all facilitated by having a strong country reputation.

“ The G8 countries are important trading partners and sources of revenue for Ireland, so improving our reputation scores amongst these nations is great news for Ireland’s economy.”