Dublin is one of the best places in the world to spend Christmas, according to global travel advisors, Lonely Planet.

In its top 10 travel destinations for Yuletide, the travel guide put Dublin at number six.

“With a cracking sense of humour, the staunchly Catholic Irish have a few novel ways to honour Christmas,” the guide says, according to the Evening Herald.

“Lonely Planet” especially recommends swimming in Dun Laoghaire’s Forty Foot, attending the carol service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and making a trip to Dublin’s Docklands’ market as the highlights of winter in Dublin.

“The most eyebrow-raising is a morning swim on the 25th at the Forty Foot sea-water pool,” the authors write. The Forty Foot is a natural outdoor swimming pool on the Dublin coast where a small troupe of hardy Irish folk take a dip on Christmas day – even in freezing cold temperatures.

“Lonely Planet” also suggests going to see a “cheesy” pantomime, and stopping by Dublin’s night-life center, Temple Bar, for “seasonal cheer.”

Bethlehem was number one on the Guide’s list for a Christmas visit, and Finland number two. New York was just two places ahead of Ireland's capital, coming in fourth.