Ireland’s most popular natural tourist attraction has the best cliff views in the world! Here’s what to expect on at the Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare.

The Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare, are the most visited natural attraction in Ireland. It’s little wonder so many travelers visit the 5-miles of coast on the Wild Atlantic Way which offers dramatic views of the ocean that will take your breath away. For first-time visitors here’s what can you expect from a Cliffs of Moher tour.

IrishCentral is here to provide some Cliffs of Moher facts from what to expect when you visit including highlights, what to do and even Cliffs of Moher weather advice!

In 2017 the Cliffs of Moher was found to be the second most visited tourist attraction, overall, in Ireland, next to Dublin Zoo. During that years the Cliffs of Moher had 1,526,440 visitors, a 7% increase. Back in 2015, the Country Clare national attraction was also voted as having the best 'cliff view on the planet by Conde Nast Traveler. What better reasons to visit a place than stunning views and the recommendations of over 1.5 million visitors annually.

Cliffs of Moher

Voted best “cliff view” in the world, a visit to the Cliffs of Moher will take your breath away.

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Highlights of the Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher’s height reaches 214 meters (702 feet) at their highest point at Knockardakin just north of O’Brien’s Tower. At the southern end of the Cliffs of Moher stands Hags Head a natural rocky promontory, which is said to resemble a seated woman when viewed from the north.

Dramatic sunset at the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare.

Dramatic sunset at the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare.

The viewing platform at O’Brien’s Tower is said to be the best place to see the sunset if you’re lucky enough to visit in the evening. The Tower was built at the highest point on the cliff edge in 1835, as an observation point for tourists, by far-sighted landowner Cornelius O’Brien.

Before arriving at O’Brien’s Tower, you could try a guided walk along the cliff paths with a Cliffs of Moher Ranger. The walks take just over an hour and, depending on the time of year, you’ll see puffins, guillemots, kittiwakes, chough, peregrine falcon, fulmar, and shags, among other birds.

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Cliffs of Moher weather

Anyone who has visited Ireland knows the standard weather forecast – “mild, with scattered showers, cold, sunny spells, and possible winds”. The best thing to be in Ireland is prepared for anything including four seasons in one day.

It’s best to come dressed for any eventuality when visiting the Cliffs of Moher, especially if a sea fog descends or high sea winds blow. Our advice is to dress in layers, bring a good rain jacket and comfortable walking shoes.

Storm clouds above the Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare.

Storm clouds above the Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare.

What to do at the Cliffs of Moher

Once you’ve arrived at the Cliffs of Moher we recommend that you walk the length of the cliff path and take in the three main viewing platforms. Each of them provides a beautiful vista and by visiting them all you’ll truly get a 360-degree experience of the Cliffs of Moher.

From the south, at the main viewing point, you will take in the breath-taking mighty Hag’s Head. From the north, located near O’Brien’s Tower you’ll have views of the north, south, and west, from this elevated point. Then from the south, you’re perfectly placed to view the puffin colony on Goat Island.

On a clear day from O’Brien’s Tower visitors can see as far as the Aran Islands, in County Galway as well as taking in the whole of Liscannor Bay with Lahinch in the distance and Liscannor village in the foreground

O'Brien's Tower, at the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare.

O'Brien's Tower, at the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare.

The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Center

At the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Center, after working the cliffs, you can immerse yourself in a completely sensory informative experience.

The Cliffs Exhibition is housed in a huge domed cave at the center of the building. It contains a wealth of fascinating information. The exhibition brings to life the many different aspects of the Cliffs of Moher in four main themed areas – Ocean, Rock, Nature, and Man.

The center also includes various video and VR experiences for all the family.

It’s best to allow yourself 25 to 45 minutes to really enjoy the center. There’s also a café, a viewing point, and facilities inside the center.

The Cliffs of Moher is a must-see when you’re visiting Ireland. In fact, many regular travelers revisit the cliffs every year and who could blame them!

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Originally published in May 2018. Updated May 2021.