Even the skies above Ireland went green on St. Patrick’s Day 2015 as the Aurora Borealis, known as the Northern Lights, put on a rare display thanks to a massive solar storm.

Sky-gazers in the North of Ireland, especially Derry and the Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal had a spectacular view of the colorful lights. However, due to the largest solar storm in 11 years, the natural phenomenon was visible as far south as Waterford and Wicklow.

The Aurora Borealis is predominantly seen in the Arctic and Antarctic, but this spectacular display was created by a large explosion on the sun on Sunday throwing huge amounts of magnetically charged particles into space called a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

#aurora levels currently at KP8. STORM LEVEL! May be visible from most of the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia pic.twitter.com/SGVXGasKlR

— Virtual Astronomer (@VirtualAstro) March 17, 2015

Here’s a selection of the beautiful shots taken around Ireland:

Northern Lights pictured over Bangor and Antrim last night - check out the stunning pics http://t.co/Rb1pRwIqWi pic.twitter.com/ty5H5MxHZM

— Belfast Telegraph (@BelTel) March 18, 2015

#Ireland "@Aurora_ireland: #aurora over the Knockmealdowns on Tipperary/waterford border last night, wonderful show pic.twitter.com/KMG2kq3Cit"

— Susan Ireland&Travel (@VibrantIreland) March 18, 2015

@Barrabest @Aurora_ireland 2am display which I think most people on the North coast missed! From Port Moon #aurora pic.twitter.com/pKpgmLWelX

— James O'Neill (@Jamesoneillii) March 18, 2015

Panoramic 180 degree view of #aurora at the Giant’s Causeway last night #Solarstorm #Ireland pic.twitter.com/lGYhsXZMIU

— Martina Gardiner (@martinagardiner) March 18, 2015

This is #aurora in Derry, Ireland earlier? MT @MiroCollas @PzFeed @PzFeed: Aurora Borealis. (@DerryPhotos) pic.twitter.com/4lBhWIMkoo

— Dr. Tamitha Skov (@TamithaSkov) March 18, 2015

@Aurora_ireland A slight tripod issue resulted in my car as a tripod! But beginners luck kicked in at Shroove... pic.twitter.com/yK8apq8K83

— Patrick Duddy (@EssentialEire) March 18, 2015


* Originally published in March 2015.