What a crazy day in the NFL. First the league absolutely nukes the Saints chances of playing a home Superbowl this coming season by suspending head coach Sean Payton for the season, for his involvement in the disgraceful 'Bounty Gate'. Second, Tim Tebow gets traded from the Broncos to the Jets. Then the trade falls through. Then, and we make no apology for the pun here, the trade gets resurrected a second time. This time Tebow is really going to the Jets.

The trade is just a complete noodle-scratcher. Tebow to the Jets? Seriously? Whilst it might be a decent potential move for the man himself, it is almost impossible to see the logic the Jets as a team applied to this trade. Let's get this straight, we are not 'having a go' at Tebow here. The Jets are the ones that have opened themselves up to ridicule. It's not as if Tebow came cheap. To secure the deal New York had to agree to pay $5 million in extra bonus money that otherwise Denver would have had to have paid.

As practically everyone knows, the Jets have just forked out almost $60 million to Sanchez, and just signed up another backup QB too, Drew Stanton.

We haven't even touched on the hysteria.
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It is all well and good to say 'Well, Tebow can simply back Sanchez up', however anyone who thinks that is going to fly seems to have forgotten the kind of hysteria that seems to follow Tebow and his saintly image around the United States. People in Denver hired actual billboards trying to influence the team to start him! You think New York is going to remain calm about this? Actually, has anyone checked in on New York tonight? Is it even still there, or did it simply implode under the weight of expectation at word of this trade?

They might have to build a whole new New York when all of this is said and done.

The effect on Sanchez himself can go one of two ways, It could galvanize the thin-skinned QB into action, or it could absolutely crush him under the pressure. Now, you all saw Mark Sanchez play last season. If you had to place a wager on which way the situation might go, would you go for the former or the latter? I know which I would pick anyway!

Thirdly, isn't New York supposed to be trying to calm things down? Didn't their season completely tear itself apart amidst locker room controversy and the kind of chinese whispers that would make a gossip column blush? This is the answer? Bring the Tebow circus to town? Isn't Rex Ryan supposed to be diverting attention away from his ball club, in order to give it a chance to breathe, and to get away from seasons of suffocation self hype and impossible expectations? This showboat of a trade is the answer to the Jets problems, really?

You know what, good for them. Good for the Jets. You just want to stand there like some guy on the Titanic, slow clapping facetiously as the boat hits the iceberg, droning sarcastically, 'Oh, well done, just, great job, well done''.

This whole situation is about to end about as well as the Titanic's first voyage too.

Not fabulously.