I'm glad Maria Sharapova was defeated in the Wimbledon final by Petra Kvitova in two sets.

That grunting gig has really put me off her.

She's a beautiful lady but she is doing the equivalent of a major belch every time she hits the ball.

After a while it is downright annoying and distracting.

Why not hold her tongue and play like a normal person?

Grunting throws the opponent off too and is completely unnecessary in my opinion.

I mean can you see the greats of tennis like Billi Jean King or Martina Navratilova resorting to such cheap tricks?

Or the darling Chris Evert, the sexiest player to ever grace the scene?

Of course not which makes Sharapova look like someone trying to get an unfair advantage.

It didn't work this time and it won't in the future I'm sure.

Which is fair play all around.