GAA Director General Paraic Duffy has called for a debate on the future of amateurism in the association.

The amateur ethos is central to the core of the GAA, but Duffy has issues with certain managers and coaches being paid.

He raised these concerns in his annual report, which he discussed at a meeting in Dublin on Monday.

At the meeting Duffy acknowledged that not all coaches and managers were being paid, but the fact that some are needs to be looked into.

He outlines the issue as follows in his annual report:

“Over the past 10 years the need to address this issue has been raised, without ever resulting in an effective response. The option of implementing a strictly amateur code (as currently defined) demands that clubs and county boards be prepared to accept the requirements of Rule 1.10 and be willing to impose penalties on those in breach of this rule. That is not happening.

“What, then, should be done? The least acceptable option is to continue to proclaim a value and, at the same time, ignore it. And expressing a determination to address the issue (genuine as the intention may be) is meaningless unless followed by effective action.

“I believe it is time to call on the expertise available to us and establish a committee to examine the current situation with a view to bringing forward proposals in late 2010 that will allow a debate throughout the association on the best way to deal with this difficult problem.”