This Valentine's Day surprise a loved one with the gift of an Irish Heritage Tree.

St. Valentine’s Day celebrates romance in all its fashions – new love, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and lifelong commitments. The promise of the declaration of devotion is observed with presents that represent the depth of that pledge.  

The Irish Heritage Tree, is a living symbol of a couple’s love to be given as a beloved gift in the true spirit of St. Valentine’s Day.

Plant an Irish Heritage Tree for someone close to your heart this Valentine's Day

Plant a beautiful native tree in rich Irish soil rooted in the Emerald Isle in pride and eternal affection as the happy two are blessed with the knowledge that their Irish Heritage Tree will grow strong and solid as nature’s expression of their love and dedication. Give this unique gift that will stand tall, lasting far beyond a lifetime. 

Your Irish Heritage Tree will either be planted in our forest on the breathtaking Golden Vale of Ireland, County Tipperary, a rolling bed of pastureland that has been settled since prehistoric times and was the center of power for the early kings of Munster.

Your tree will be planted in our rural farmland situated near Drimoleague in the heart of West Cork. Irish Heritage Tree is in collaboration with the Tree Council of Ireland and we're proud to say that as of last year, our original forest in Co Tipperary has now also planted 3,500 native trees.

The simple act of planting a tree represents a belief that the tree will grow to provide us with clean air, cooling shade, habitat for wildlife, and endless natural beauty. They are also a symbol of heritage and as the years go on the roots of your tree will keep growing in the soil, forming a deeper and everlasting memory of your loved one.

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