High school seniors everywhere are on the brink of answering one of life's toughest questions; where am I going to college? As the decision nears kids are flooded with emails and letters explaining why each school is so great.

Notre Dame seems to have no problem generating appeal. In 2012, nearly 17,000 students sent in an application for around 2,000 spots. Here’s a good look into why the University of Notre Dame continues to stay a hot school for high schoolers around the world. 

1. Family
The absence of fraternities and sororities doesn’t mean you can’t find a second family at Notre Dame. In fact, Notre Dame becomes your second family when you enroll. Your peers and faculty will go out of their way to make everyone comfortable and part of something. 

2. Network
After graduation you’re now part of one of the strongest networks imaginable. Notre Dame Alumni love hiring and helping out young ND graduates entering the working world. 

3. Options
There are endless amounts of options for a Notre Dame student. There are hundreds of choices when it comes to classes, clubs, activities, facilities, and of course, food. The options allow each individual to be who they want to be while also serving as inspiration to try new things. 

4. Sports
Big or small, watching or playing, Notre Dame covers everyone’s athletic interests. One can easily get involved in a varsity sport or pick up a new sport for themselves. 

5. Religion
If Christianity is a part of your life then Notre Dame is the place for you. Notre Dame has the unique ability to offer everything a religious person would want without making the nonreligious student feel any pressure. 

6. Faculty  
There are not many schools out there that have as many decorated and published professors as Notre Dame. Students are blessed to have high caliber professors that care and inspire success. 

7. Campus
Beautiful stone buildings tied together with plush green fields. Amazing structures like the Basilica, Dome, Grotto and Hesburgh Library qualify the ND campus as a little slice of heaven. 

8. Reckers
Whether it is late night studying or extending a night out, Reckers is Notre Dame’s favorite 24 hour on campus restaurant. During the week Reckers serves as the perfect late night study spot, with all the food and coffee one could need. On the weekend, it serves as a safe and fun atmosphere when you’re not ready to go to bed.

9. Grotto
For moments of peace, grief and tranquility Notre Dame Students and alumni journey down to the Grotto. It’s truly a special place that one has to feel to understand.

10. Character
Notre Dame doesn’t only focus on student’s academics needs and ambitions. Notre Dame Students are inspired to build character and be an overall better person.