Irish and Italians have many similarities. And with Columbus Day here, we thought we’d tell you about the top ten similarities - at least as we Irish see it!

Both love pizza

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Both love beer and wine - whether it’s Guinness or a fine Tuscany Chianti.

Beautiful women. Between the black-haired Galway girls and tan Italian women, Irish and Italian women are some of the prettiest.

Large families 

Both love sunny weather

In Italy, the sun shines a lot. In Ireland ... you guessed it ...

Great Italian/Irish Mafia films

Good thing these two countries never got into a fight. They’ve given us some iconic films including "The Godfather," "The Departed," and "The Boondock Saints" to name but a few. 

Mixed marriages

It’s not uncommon for the Irish and Italians to marry and some celebrities boast both Irish and Italian blood, such as John Travolta and Robert De Niro.

The best ever movie about Italian Americans - "Moonlighting" (1987) starring Cher and Nick Cave - was made by John Patrick Shanley who has Irish heritage.


Although both countries have Roman Catholic traditions, the Irish were probably the only ones who listened to Italian popes about sex and felt the wrath of the nuns!

Mixed marriages make great weddings, especially mixed marriages where the food (Italian) and drink (Irish) never stop.

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* Originally published October 2012. 

Irish and Italians share more than similar flags!...such as, we LOVE pizza!iStock