Here are the top 10 most popular baby names in Northern Ireland last year.

James and Grace were the boy and girl names most frequently given to babies born in Northern Ireland in 2020.

Grace has held the top spot for girls’ names for the past four years, while James has held the number one position for boys’ names for the past six years,  reports RTÉ.

Emily landed in second place for most popular girls names, followed by Isla, Fiadh, Olivia, Sophia, Sophie, Amelia, Lucy, Ella and Freya.

Jack was the second most popular name for boys, followed by Noah, Charlie, Oliver, Thomas, Finn, Theo, Cillian and Harry.

Fiadh entered the top 10 for girls names for the first time in 2020, and it was also the first time the names Cillian and Finn joined the top 10 for boys.

Some of the more unique names given to baby girls last year included Dior, Divine, Ever, Harley-Quinn, Nirvana, Porsche and Vogue.

Meanwhile  some of the less common names for boys included Bono, Bowie, Denzel, Jagger, Maverick, River, Rocky, Triumph and Wolfe.

The data was compiled by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency for the Baby Names 2020 statistics. The reporting of baby names began in 1997.

The Top 10 Baby Names in Northern Ireland are listed below.

1. Grace
2, Emily
3. Isla
4. Fiadh
5. Olivia
6. Sophia
7. Sophie
8. Amelia
9. Lucy
10. Ella/Freya

1. James
2. Jack
3. Noah
4. Charlie
5. Oliver
6. Thomas
7. Finn
8. Theo
9. Cillian
10. Harry