In the spirit of March being Irish Heritage month, we are welcoming our readers to share the most fascinating story from your family tree to be in the chance to win an Irish Heritage Tree to be planted in the name of your family.

*This competition is now closed

Write and tell us a story that is the most exciting or the most inspiring, the most romantic or the bravest, the funniest or the wildest, the one told over and over again that never grows old.

We know every family has a story worth sharing and we will be awarding an Irish Heritage Tree to a winner. In addition, we will publish the best stories on!

*This competition is now closed

Imagine the delight and joy of seeing your story on our global Irish site as the world learns about your family lore.

The Irish Heritage Tree Program supports Ireland’s environmental initiative to restore native woodlands and return the landscape to nature. Planting these magnificent native trees ensures a greener Ireland for generations to come and now you can be part of that worthy endeavor.

We look forward to treating our readers with interesting and engaging accounts from your unique Irish family history, whether they make us smile or tear or laugh or sigh or just make us stop in awe of the moment. So please send us the best Irish anecdote from your family tree.

Your tree will be planted in our rural farmland situated near Drimoleague in the heart of West Cork. Irish Heritage Tree is in collaboration with the Tree Council of Ireland and we're proud to say that as of last year, our original forest in Co Tipperary has now also planted 3,500 native trees.

Native trees can take decades to mature once planted, yet as each year passes their roots secure firmly in the soil, a symbol of your everlasting connection to Ireland.

Click here for more information on the Irish Heritage Tree and how you can purchase your own!

Note: Successful entries may be edited by an Editor prior to publication.