IrishCentral founder Niall O'Dowd discussed the incredible story of the Irish spies, soldiers, and workers who helped free America at a recent talk at the historic home of George Washington in Mount Vernon. 

O'Dowd gave a talk on his new book "George Washington and the Irish:  Incredible Stories of the Irish, Spies, Soldiers, and Workers Who Helped Free America". 

The book tells the untold story of the vital role the Irish played in the American Revolution - not just on the battlefield but in field hospitals, and the framing of the Declaration of Independence. 

Speaking at the Ford Evening Book Talk in Washington's Mount Vernon estate on March 8, O'Dowd said the Irish contribution to the American War of Independence was something that he feels very strongly about. 

"I'm delighted to come along and give you a story that hasn't been told," O'Dowd said. "Everyone else's story has been told. The story of the Irish in the American Revolution has not been told." 

O'Dowd quoted Lord Mountjoy, who said in British Parliament in 1784 that "America was lost by Irish immigrants", adding that Irish was spoken as frequently as English in the American ranks. 

"There is no doubt that Ireland's sons and daughters played a major role in the battle for independence," O'Dowd said. 

O'Dowd added that it is difficult to find a full account of Irish involvement in the revolution, stating that historians had mainly ignored their role. 

"This is an opportunity to set the record straight." 

O'Dowd's book is available to purchase online and in major bookshops. Click here for more information. 

Check out O'Dowd's full talk at Mount Vernon in the video below: