A new three-podcast tells the story of Bloody Sunday through interviews with relatives, journalists, and photographers who witnessed the events unfold in Derry. 

Produced by Dublin photographer Deirdre Brennan and sound engineer Barry Connolly, "My Bloody Sunday" features interviews with relatives of the 13 marchers who were shot dead by members of the British Army's Parachute Regiment on January 30, 1972. 

Brennan and Connolly also speak to those who tended to the wounded on Bloody Sunday and additionally talk to journalists and photographers who witnessed the grim events unfold. 

The first episode of the three-part series features interviews with the relatives of victims who attended the march. 

The second episode focuses on the immediate aftermath of Bloody Sunday, including the funerals and wakes that took place in Derry. Witnesses also talk in detail about the effect that Bloody Sunday had on Derry, while relatives provide loving details about the family members they lost 51 years ago. 

Meanwhile, the final episode of the series focuses on the fight for justice, which culminated with the publication of the Saville Inquiry in June 2010. 

"I was interested in hearing was exactly it was like to be on the march 51 years ago; how the families spent that Sunday morning; was there any sense of foreboding," Brennan told IrishCentral. 

"I also wanted to know what type of people the victims were. They were all hardworking people, leading productive lives with deep family bonds." 

Among those interviewed in the series are Kay Duddy, the sister of Bloody Sunday victim Jackie Duddy, and Italian photojournalist Fulvio Grimaldi, who took the iconic photograph of Fr. Edward Daly waving a white handkerchief as marchers attempt to carry a mortally-wounded Duddy to safety. 

Charlie Glenn, an Order of Malta volunteer who can be seen carrying Duddy in the photograph, also talks to Brennan and Connolly for the new series. 

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