Intimate personal photographs from the Kennedy family give a brief insight into their lives out of the spotlight.

A series of 79 photographs of the Kennedy family never before seen by the public went up for auction on June 25, 2015, at Nate D. Sanders Auctions and sold for $12,500.

The intimate snapshots of the family life of President Kennedy, his wife Jackie, their children Caroline and John, Jr. were owned by the Kennedys’ long-time nanny, Maud Shaw.

Shaw, from London, worked as the Kennedys’ nanny for seven years, throughout Caroline and John, Jr.’s formative childhood moments and the presidential administration of John F. Kennedy.

She retired in 1965, returned to London, and in 1966 published a book about her White House years, entitled, “White House Nanny: My Years with Caroline and John Kennedy, Jr.”

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A signed copy of the book is also included in the auction lot, as is a custom-made maternity dress worn by first lady Jackie Kennedy in 1960 when she was pregnant with John F. Kennedy Jr.

In the memoir, Shaw mentions receiving the first lady’s maternity dress. The sleeveless, swinging, off-white dress has a zippered rear closure and measures 18” across the chest.

The auction was held by Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles. 

Bidding for the lot, including the maternity dress, photos, and book, began at $10,000.

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The maternity dress was given to Shaw by first lady Jackie Kennedy in 1965, when Kennedy visited Shaw at her London home, shortly after Shaw’s retirement. The photos were part of Shaw’s personal collection of Kennedy memorabilia.

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They featured a variety of candid pictures of the first lady and her two children, including shots at the beach, leading a pony, and other family moments.

Click here to view a gallery with more of the Kennedy family photos.

*Originally published in June 2015