Irish derivation: O Hiongardail or O Hurdail.

Name meaning: "Descendant of Arrachtán."

Counties associated with the name: Cork, Kerry, and Mayo.

Coat of arms motto: "Nodo firmo" a tight knot

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Interesting facts:

- Typically when the name is spelt as "Herrington" it is presumed to be a name of non-Irish origin.

Some famous Harringtons:

- Leland Kitteridge "Hago" Harrington (1903-1959, former Hockey Player)

- Betty Jean Maycock Harrington (1942-, former US Olympic Gymnast)

- Wilfrid Harrington (1927-, Irish Dominican Priest)

- Richard Harrington (1975-, Welsh Actor)

- John Harrington (c. late 1930s, former CEO of the Boston Red Sox)

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