Have you heard of these Celtic names before?

Irish and Celtic names are some of the most timeless ones that parents can choose for their newborns.

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Below, Babygaga has chosen their top 25 favorite Celtic names, each of which are beautiful within their own right.

Which one is your favorite?

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  • Cameron

A traditionally Scottish name that translates to ‘crooked nose,’ this name is suitable for both boys and girls.

  • Jennifer

This name is Welsh in origin and is a derivative of Gwenhwyfar.

  • Evelyn

This name is believed to have Norse origins - perfect for a young Viking princess. It translates to “wished for” or “longed for child.”

  • Brian

This Celtic name loosely means “high,” “noble,” or “strength” and is most famous in Irish history through the character of ancient high king Brian Boru.

  • Quinn

Suitable for both boys and girls, this name is derived from the surname Quinn, which originally meant “descendant of Conn.”

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  • Evan

This name has several different origins - Welsh, Scottish, and Hebrew. It can also be translated to several different meanings: “Young warrior,” “God is gracious,” “born of yew,” “youth,” and, in Hebrew, “rock.”

  • Alan

Most popular in England and Scotland, this name can mean “handsome” and “little rock.”

  • Chad

This name is a derivative of the Old English word “ceadda.” It possibly came from the Welsh word, “cad,” which means battle.

  • Owen

This Celtic name that has a Welsh origin can be used for both girls and boys and means “well-born” or “young warrior.”

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  • Erin

This very traditional Irish name has origins in both England and Ireland and translates to “from Ireland.”

  • Cara

Aside from a Celtic background, this name has Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian roots. It can mean “friend,” “dear,” or “face.”

  • Donovan

This traditionally Irish name means “dark.”

  • Brenna

This Celtic name for girls can translate to “raven or black-haired” as well as “little drop of water.”

  • Marvin

This name that has English origins is likely derived from the name Mervyn.

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  • Bryant

With Irish roots, this name means “strong, virtuous, and honorable.”

  • Nelson

Meaning “son of Neil,” this name has English roots.

  • Blair

A typically Scottish name that means either “plain” or “field,” some variations of this name include Blayre and Blaire.

  • Roy

This name has a few different origins, including English, Scottish, and Dutch. An alternate version of the name is Ruadh.

  • Ronan

This traditionally Irish name for boys means “little seal.”

  • Maddox

This Welsh name, which can be used for either girls or boys, translates to “son of Madoc.”

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  • Donald

Meaning either “World mighty,” or “great chief,” this name has Scottish roots.

  • Brendan

This name that has Irish roots translates to “little prince.”

  • Alanna

Meaning “stone,” “noble,” “fair,” and “harmony,” this name has strong Irish roots and was derived from an Irish phrase that was considered to be a term of endearment.

  • Glenn

Derived from the Scottish surname ‘Gleann,’ this name means “valley.”

  • Trenton

With English roots, this name has been traced back to mean “Trent’s town.”

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