Bill Clinton and Barack Obama get down to business playing golf

So Terry McAuliffe, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama played golf on Sunday together.

Wonder what they were discussing?

Sure, McAuliffe is running for Virginia governor in 2014 and Bill wants his wife to run for president in 2016.
But what does Obama want?

Why a presidential library of course.

Cost? A cool $500 million.

It is time for him to start thinking of that legacy now and who better to help him tease it out than the man who almost single-handedly, got the Clinton library built -- Terry McAuliffe?

As Clinton’s go-to guy on all matters financial, McAuliffe was invaluable.

Yet, Obama had little time for the Clinton crowd and McAuliffe was never a factor in his inside group in the Democratic Party.

What a difference a new term makes.

Obama has to start fundraising right now for the library while he still has the power and the connections. recently stated it is bound for the University of Chicago where Obama was once a law professor but new federal rules make  the government contribution much smaller.

Meanwhile McAuliffe will need the president’s help in Virginia which Obama won for the second election in a row.

Obama likely wants the inside advice on how to approach donors on a presidential library that only McAuliffe can bring.

As for Clinton, the more he is tied into Obama the better the chances for Hillary.

With Joe Biden lurking and likely running and major figures like Governor Martin O’Malley and Governor Andrew Cuomo chomping at the bit, a good deed for Obama will surely not go unnoticed when the real battle begins in 2014 or so for the White House.

Which is why the trio and Ron Kirk, former Dallas Mayor were golfing on Sunday. Kirk wants to be head of the Democratic National Committee.

All makes sense doesn’t  it?