There is talk circulating in diplomatic halls after President Obamas speech demanding Israel retreat to it's 1967 borders. The whispers are that America should set the example and revert back to its original 13 colonies borders of 1733.

After all fair is fair. Spain, France, Mexico, Russia and most of the tribes of native Americans are starting to coalesce around this idea. There is talk of a UN resolution being sponsored by Iran on behalf of those exploited by the Americans.

For those of you who attended public school and didn't get a chance to learn about this part of American history, the original American settlement was comprised of only 13 colonies. These colonies were established by the British and were comprised of mostly white Americans and according to the politically correct version of todays history lens, their main goal was to exploit native Americans, enslave blacks working on the grand plantations and not allow their womenfolk to vote, to put it in a pc nutshell. In reality the new migrants to America were of European extraction looking to start a new life in the rugged frontier, free from the tyranny of living under repressive governments.

But through warfare, chicanery, financial skulduggery, exploitation of natural resources and native peoples, Americans threw off the redcoats and commenced to expand its borders under the holy, almost God sounding mandate of "manifest destiny". Americans also used the catchphrase of "defensible borders" to justify its expansion into "other peoples land".

Finally Americas borders reached from sea to shining sea, to the present Canadian and Mexican borders and we clipped off part of Russia and grabbed an island in the mid pacific to top it off.

The USA only stopped its north and south expansions at Mexico and Canada because there were still plenty of whales in the oceans for the oil in our street lamps, so there wasn't much to exploit past the borders at that time. Petroleum wasn't recognized as a commodity...But recently the calls of "manifest destiny" have started to rumble after oil hit 100 dollars per barrel and eyes are on Canadas oil fields.

Israel is a tiny country surrounded by enemies that want to see it annihilated. It had to expand beyond its 67 borders due to warfare and belligerency from its neighbors. Many of those neighbors don't even recognize Israels right to exist. By demanding that Israel revert to its 67 borders, President obama is issuing a death sentence to the nation.

So Mr. President, examine closely the beginnings of most countries around the world and you will see they have had border changes over the ages. Many of these changes were brought about by war and conquest, a nations quest for survival. Take a look at your own county and how it expanded. Judge not, therefore ye be judged.

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