Brian Cowen on Jay Leno

In September following Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen's disastrous radio interview, when the public believed that Prime Minister to hungover to speak properly, Jay Leno created a sketch mocking the controversy.

Up and Over it

Up and Over It’s the hand dancing video “We no speak Americano”, composed by Irish dancers Peter Harding and Suzanne Cleary has now had close to four million hits on You Tube.

The Rubberbandits

A Limerick comedy-rap duo, Mr Chrome and Blind Boy, aka The Rubberbandits, have become aYouTube sensation with over four million hits on their song “Horse Outside”.

Daft ad - Ireland for sale


This November as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and European Commission arrived to Dublin to discuss Ireland financial crisis with the Government some cheeky pranksters put Ireland up for sale on what looks like Ireland's biggest property website,

 Cahill Keenan

Fifteen-year-old Irish American Keenan Cahill has become an Internet sensation after his video of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” went viral. His lip-synching performance has now racked up over 16 million views.

Irishman abroad telling it like it is

As Ireland’s financial crisis unfolded entertainer and businessman in Canada, Dennis Ryan, took to the streets and gave to world a piece of his mind.

How Ireland handles snow

During the coldest winter in more than 130-years the Irish got their file of schadenfreude watching these pedestrians doing battle with a path on Dame Street, in Dublin.

Rabitte v Cullen

This November the Labour Party’s Pat Rabbitte attacked the Irish Government for destroying the economy and lying about the IMF / EU bailout. The tirade occurred during a heated debate with the Minister for Community, Equality andGaeltacht Affairs, Pat Carey, on Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE’s, flagship current events show “Prime Time”.