Memorial statues in downtown Boston

Every year, people of Irish heritage worldwide are asked to participate at masses and other memorial services to commemorate the Irish Hunger Victims of 1845-51. The Boston memorial is well attended every year and the 2013 event will take place on School Street on May 12 at the Irish Famine Memorial.

In 1998, during the 150th anniversary of the Irish Famine, Boston's Irish community unveiled the bronze statues as part of a $1 million memorial park. The park is situated along the city's Freedom Trail and is visited annually by over three million people. In 2012, Boston hosted the international commemoration which was celebrated by Boston’s huge Irish diaspora.

As well as the School St event, Division 8 AOH in Lawrence will hold a Commemoration of the Great Hunger this Sunday (April 28) at the An Gorta Mor Memorial in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery, 29 Barker Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts at 2:00 pm. A host of County, State and National AOH and LAOH dignitaries are expected to be present.

The American Committee of Irish Hunger encourages anyone of Irish heritage to get involved in events to honor the victims of the Irish Famine. There are existing monuments, plaques, memorials etc. honoring the victims where ceremonies could take place. Those interested in getting involved are asked to contact public officials, local news media and other Irish American organizations.

Historians proclaimed the Irish Hunger of 1845-51 as the worst social disaster in 19th Century European history, and the Irish Hunger committee aims to attract large crowds for events to respect and honor the memory of the victims of the famine. For more information go to www.IrishHungerComm.Wordpress.Com.