With one month to go to until the Iowa caucuses and the crisis growing around the President Trump-ordered assassination of Qasem Soleimani, the leading Iranian figure, the outcome of the Democratic race for the presidential nomination becomes even more important.

As was probably inevitable, a foreign policy crisis utterly of President Donald Trump’s doing is upon us and the need for a steady hand in foreign affairs has never become more evident.

For many worldwide, November and the U.S. election cannot happen quickly enough as the self-described “very stable genius” in the White House continues to exhibit clear signs of delusion and mental disarray.

Time was when such Trump failings were covered up or sidelined by senior advisors. But Trump has fired any advisor who tried to temper his aggressive impulses when dealing with potential enemies. He has now surrounded himself with sycophants and yes men, only too glad to indulge his imperial fantasies.
Trump’s inability to think strategically on the world stage and his impulsive decision making has made the world a far more dangerous place as the new Iranian crisis makes clear.

"Trump took the off-ramp that the Iranians afforded him by not killing any Americans with its missile strikes. Tomorrow? Honestly, who knows," writes @CillizzaCNN | Analysis https://t.co/vwuRLYsyKy

— CNN International (@cnni) January 8, 2020

When millions take to the street and an entire nation is united in hatred of the U.S., there can be no good outcome in the future.

It is very easy to start a war but very difficult to end one.  Since 2003 the United States has remained embroiled in an endless succession of crises, spending billions, losing thousands of military members and basically still sinking in the quicksand of the Middle East.

Another Middle East tinderbox was the nightmare scenario when Trump was elected. Now it has happened.

Make no mistake, Iran will try again to retaliate and American lives will be lost. Trump may be the only person who thinks otherwise.

Crowds pack the streets of Tehran to mourn Qasem Soleimanihttps://t.co/XVi3Wa26G2 pic.twitter.com/afSaRPrfeb

— BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) January 6, 2020

The role of judge and jury on the reality show The Apprentice was great TV fodder, but now that he is in the real arena Trump is clearly and utterly out of his league. He probably thought Soleimani was another terrorist with no country or backing outside his fanatical followers.

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Soleimani, however, was a key figure in the government of a country with centuries of history, tradition, and pride in their central role in leadership in the region. Iran is no rag-tag and bobtail country, but a very formidable foe.

Trump’s Iran policy from the beginning was to undo everything Barack Obama had achieved, especially in relation to the agreed de-escalation of the Iranian nuclear capability issue.  Inevitably a build-up to war ensued.

Trump had comforted some observers with his oft-repeated mantra that all he wanted was to bring U.S. troops home.

But given his massive ego and need to bully and dominate, that strategy exploded as soon as he ordered the Soleimani assassination. Now the region is ready to be set afire again.

Joe Biden is head and shoulders above all other Democratic contenders in terms of experience in foreign policy, and Trump’s antics will likely help him the most when it comes to voters looking for a safe pair of hands.

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That may be the only small positive to emerge from this sorry mess that threatens to escalate in the months ahead, perhaps even to the point where the U.S. bombs cultural targets within Iran as Trump has warned.

Donald Trump is a sorry excuse for a leader and the terrifying thought is that he will be around for another year, likely getting more and more bellicose in order to win re-election. It is dangerous times indeed.

What do you think? Will Donald Trump's actions affect his performance in the 2020 Presidential Election?