What the world is witnessing is a naked Brexit power-grab by Johnson at the expense of Ireland's 20-year-old peace process, with the Democratic Unionist Party aiding and abetting.

This week Boris Johnson, the most dangerous British political figure since Oswald Mosley, and the fascist movement issued a direct challenge to Tory Party leader and British Prime Minister Theresa May, saying Brexit or bust. He was speaking at this week’s Tory Party conference.

Johnson is fully prepared to risk a resumption of the Irish Troubles if it means he can maneuver his way into 10 Downing Street.

Key to his drive is to have the hard border between Ireland north and south re-introduced despite every signal to the reality that by so doing it will reignite The Troubles.

Applause as Britain's former Foreign Secretary says the Prime Minister "risks prosecution" for her Chequers proposal.#CPC18 #Boris #Brexit #Chequers. pic.twitter.com/zadfnXiN4X

— Darran Marshall (@DarranMarshall) October 2, 2018

That hard border has stopped existing since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, and any attempt to reintroduce it will inevitably lead to bloodshed. The European Union fully realizes the dangers and has guaranteed no deal with Britain if a hard border is imposed.

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The Belfast Agreement was predicated on the acceptance by both sides of key compromises. A fundamental guarantee on the Irish side was there would be no watchtowers, checkpoints or physical structures on the border in order to facilitate free movement.

Johnson could care less about any Good Friday Agreement compromise. Power is the name of his game.

Even his lukewarm original support for Brexit was a Hail Mary that if it passed he would become prime minister.  He was never ideologically committed to Brexit, but he was using it to achieve his life dream of becoming prime minister.

He has haughtily dismissed the Irish border issue as of little consequence, even as the EU and the Irish government say its return is utterly impossible. Johnson, his English entitlement and arrogance in full view, says the British can easily handle it.

“We are straining at the gnat of the Irish border problem – in fact, we haven’t even tried to chew the gnat – and we are swallowing the camel of EU membership in all but name,” he said.

Johnson claimed that in December last year, “the U.K. government agreed that if the EU was not satisfied – at any point in the future – about the arrangements for the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, then as a matter of law, Northern Ireland would have to be part of the EU customs union and large parts of its single market – accepting rules promulgated in Brussels in just the way that Ireland does.”

He added, “This version of the Irish backstop is little short of an attempt to annex Northern Ireland. It would imply customs and regulatory controls between Britain and Northern Ireland, and therefore a border down the Irish sea…it is a monstrosity...the whole thing is a constitutional abomination.”

Of course, the Orange Card comes into play --the Tory government is propped up in power by the DUP led by Arlene Foster, who warned May that her party’s support was dependent on no Irish sea border and that they would collapse the government if May insisted on it.

What we are witnessing is a naked power grab by Boris Johnson at the expense of the Irish peace process, with the DUP aiding and abetting.  It cannot be allowed under any circumstances.

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