Beer to the rescue.

How do you put out a fire when water is unavailable?

…With beer of course.

While traveling on a Texas interstate highway, firefighter, Capt. Craig Moreau, came across a truck which had caught fire. Reflexively, the captain pulled over to give assistance. However, there was no source of water available to put out the blaze.

"The brakes had caught and the tire was burning," Moreau told the press.

"I crawled underneath and thought we'd got it out but it flared back up. So I said to the driver, “what have you got in here?'

"It's beer! It's all beer," replied the truck driver.

“Thankfully they were tall-boys. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of it all, he was so shaken up that the humor escaped him,” said Moreau.

Several other people were also at the scene helping to shake the cans and spray the beer until the fire was extinguished.

"I have no doubt if the beer hadn't been there, the whole trailer would have burned up," Moreau said when interviewed. "A few more minutes down the road and it may not have worked. It's in our nature to help folks, but this is the first time I've done it with beer."

One NY firefighter, Keith McVey commented by saying:

“I’ve never seen a fire put out with beer. I drink Coors and the thought never occurred to me. I can tell you it’s a lot more expensive than water.”

“I’ll tell you another thing,” said McVey. “If there’s ever a fire in a bar, never use the hard liquor to put it out. Most of that stuff can cause a small explosion.”