"Thanks for helping us keep drunk drivers off the road."

So says Joanna Newton of the AAA South which, with Budweiser, is running its "Tow to Go" program again this year for St Patrick's Day.

Triple A will come pick you up and tow your car if you've drowned too many shamrocks. But you have to live in Florida, Georgia, selected areas in Tennessee, Arizona and Oklahoma.

In Florida, Georgia and Tennessee it's known as "Tow to Go" while in Arizona and Oklahoma it's called "Tipsy Tow."

Triple A South has picked up 11,200 people since it started "Tow to Go" 11 years ago.

However, Newton wouldn't be specific on the numbers for St Patrick's Day.

"We provide a confidential service so we don't collect a lot of data," she said.

"The main idea is to get people home safely."

Triple A and Bud offer a free tow home - up to 10 miles - for any driver who needs it.

The tow is for the driver, one passenger and their vehicle, and can only be used to get someone home.

To request the service any driver, passenger, party host, bartender or restaurant manager can call 1-800-AAA-HELP.

It's free and it's confidential and it might just save a life.