In the press, it seems that Democratic presidential hopeful walks on water but pitting Warren against Trump is like taking a knife to a gunfight and yet she's propelled forward

The bias towards Elizabeth Warren in the “woke” media is plain to see. Just open your op-ed pages of the major newspapers and read or turn on MSNBC or CNN.

Right now she can do no wrong.

Younger white liberals love the passion of her promises and never a debate goes by without her being proclaimed the winner in most of the press. Elizabeth walks on water.

Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

Glowing coverage similar to that given to Obama when he ran as an outsider against Hillary is the order of the day. She’s the college campus hero, beloved like Obama in his time when he was treated like a Messiah in sections of the press.

Outside young white liberals, however, she appears to have little traction. With African Americans still mindful of Biden’s classy performance as Obama’s VP she has yet to make an impact.

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She trails Biden 43 percent to 14 percent in the latest South Carolina poll and 51 percent to 9 percent among just African American voters.

Clearly, with the most important Democratic constituency of all Warren is failing to register.

That won’t stop the Woke Warrens of course. Her low popularity in large Hispanic states, though not as bad as with African Americans should, nonetheless, raise a red flag.

Is Elizabeth Warren up to the task?

Is Elizabeth Warren up to the task?

But when you are the media darling there are better stories to tell, book contracts to dream off.

Like Hillary, Biden is a perennial, a politician around for forty years or so which means there are precious few new stories to tell. No lucrative book contracts there.

I’m not saying Warren is not an attractive candidate but she is no Barack Obama.
Obama was propelled to the front in the Democratic Party nomination race by an enthralled media who saw him as the second coming.

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It appears they are trying the same old one-trick pony this time around but as Senator Lloyd Benson might say “Elizabeth you are no Barack Obama.”

There was clear evidence of that in the Pocahantas episode where Warren completely lost the plot in response to, for Trump, a modest jibe about her alleged American Indian ancestry.

Instead of striking back (Trump, for instance, has said his father was born in Germany when he was actually born in New York) Warren folded like a cheap wigwam.

She pleaded her case that she was a tiny bit Indian when she should just have moved on.

Her performance bothered a lot of Democrats desperate to find the candidate to defeat Trump.

What would happen when Trump rolls out the big artillery of lies, innuendo, personal attacks we all know the Democratic candidate will have to confront?
Trump’s major plan for re-election is in destroying his opponent, a scorched earth policy, where his opponent ends up bloodied more than him.

Could Warren really take on Donald Trump?

Could Warren really take on Donald Trump?

Having Elizabeth Warren face him is like taking a knife to a gunfight. Despite her modest roots, she is too Harvard, too tax and spend, to occupy the vital middle ground.

Yet she is being propelled forward like a tidal wave in key areas of the media. Sometimes you get what you wish for and Donald Trump must be licking his chops in expectation of facing the Harvard lecturer.

It won’t be pretty.

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