You gotta feel sorry for Juan Williams.

He gets fired from politically correct NPR for admitting a basic truth,

When he gets on airplanes and sees people dressed in Muslim garb he gets nervous.

If he said he didn't I'd know he was lying.

The human condition is such that we measure fight or flight risks all the time.

It is how we evolved as any Darwinian will tell you.

Seeing Muslims in garb on planes connects us viscerally back to 9/11 and what happened.

It is unfair and we are able to overcome it by applying rational thought to it.

But does that mean that instinctively we don't feel a momentary tension and a flashback to 9/11 when a Muslim in full garb boards a plane?

Of course not but NPR wants us to believe their perfect species of human beings would never allow such an errant thought through their perfect brains.


I was Irish in London in the 1970s and I remember the stares when I spoke after an IRA bomb atrocity.

Honestly I could not blame people for being a little concerned. Crazy killers were blowing up men, women and children in pubs in Birmingham and Guildford.

It was a very human reaction.

As was that of Juan Williams and everyone else I suspect.

Except the pluperfect people at NPR.