The 2024 State of the Union address was likely the most important speech that Joey from Scranton would ever make and he hit it out of the park throwing fastballs even Babe Ruth might have been unable to hit. Joe Biden's Irish was up.

I have never seen more relieved Joe Biden supporters gathering as the president time and again landed haymakers. The avalanche of stories covering his inability to serve had raised doubts even in supporter’s minds.

Oh, we of little faith.

He showed us all what we wanted. Not just a master of politics, but a master of stagecraft too, which brought out the spectacle and the importance of the moment.

Imagine the bewilderment over at Fox News as the 81-year-old allegedly enfeebled, weak, and cognitively declining Biden came roaring out of his corner flattened Vladimir Putin with one punch, and followed up with a takedown of Donald Trump that Vince McMahon of WWE would have been proud of.

Fox News viewers must have been flabbergasted when this ripped monster Joe Biden showed up having been told by their Orwellian Fox masters that Joe was one step away from the scrapheap like poor Boxer in "Animal Farm” and their man Mr T would flatten Biden. Not this time.

Someday they will do a poll as to who brown-nosed Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race most (my money is on Sean Hannity).

If you can bear to watch the brown nosers in action on Fox you will truly understand what a terrible place an autocratic state would be with one leader and millions of sycophants hanging on his every word. No free press, no right to assemble, crooked courts and jails overflowing with dissidents. That is what Donald Trump is leading us to but Biden will stop him.

Joe we hardly knew the new you.