An Irish wake will be held the day after Donald Trump is sworn in as president hosted by the Irish American Democrats organization at the Irish Times pub in Washington. It will coincide with the massive women’s march on Washington.

The wake of Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be to held to “lay to rest the year 2016, to mourn our loss and to honor the memory.”

The invite also reads: ”Dearly Beloved… we also celebrate those who have dedicated themselves to the cause of electing democrats, and to organize for the year ahead!”

Chief mourner will be former presidential contender Martin O’Malley who is the ex-governor of Maryland. He will deliver a eulogy on a year that Irish American Democrats are only too keen to bury when Trump incredibly defeated their standard bearer in the greatest upset in modern American history.

The founder of Irish American Democrats Stella O’Leary has been biting in her criticism of Trump, stating when asked her opinion of the new president: “We should all be actively engaged and alert as he [Trump] attempts to erode the American Constitution.”

O'Leary branded the president-elect “a disgusting, racist, sexist, selfish and unqualified demagogue.”

A quote from St Patrick decorates the invitation which is designed to lift the fighting spirits of the Irish who supported Clinton but likely enrage some Republicans, not to mention St.Patrick supporters who will not take well to their favorite saint being politicized.

The quote from St.Patrick’s Breastplate reads:

“I summon today
“All these powers between me and those evils,
“Against every cruel and merciless power
“that may oppose my body and soul,
“Against incantations of false prophet.”

Strangely, after Trump won his party nomination, a wake for the Republican party was held in July at the Dubliner in Washington, organized by Republicans who were #NeverTrump.

At this "Irish wake," the beer was poured, toasts were made, and stories were told around a coffin draped in black silk. A white floral wreath mourned the deceased, a ribbon wrapped around its center read: "RIP GOP,” reported The Hill newspaper.

No one seemed sure who or what would be in the coffin at the Hillary wake, Perhaps a few bottles of Trump wine.