So, Governor Christie of New Jersey threw Bridget Anne Kelly under the bus yesterday and on a one-lane highway too. He didn’t even say “brace yourself Bridget” before tossing her off.

The Italian governor took the Irish help and kicked her butt off the bus marked Christie 2016.

Bridget should not worry too much though, she got thrown off just as the bus is heading towards a brick wall.

Not one to mince words, the charming governor called his former Deputy Chief of Staff “stupid” and “deceitful,” and wondered how he had managed to install her in his inner circle for the past five years.

But they were great friends for five years. Heck, he even showed up at her fortieth birthday last year and hung around to sample the birthday cake, which we know he likes to do.

Bridget adored him.

She was well-liked, hardworking. Her only flaw seemed to be playing Enya in her car to calm her down on bad days, as she told her Twitter followers.

Kelly, a mother of four, wrote the now infamous email about it being “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” and clearly had to be fired.

But beware, Christie. Hell has no fury like an Irish woman scorned, and whatever ill Bridget can do she will, I’m sure.

There’s an Irish expression about the evil eye. Be aware its about to seek you out.

If you’re lying she will expose you and yes, I think you probably are being economical with the truth despite your protestations.

But what did Christie know, and when did he know it? Kelly was the type of loyal aide who made no such decisions to block traffic coming off America’s busiest bridge.

She was acting on orders pure and simple.

But who did those orders come from?

Christie was busy erecting a firewall between himself and Bridget and the other conspirators in his inner office who ordered up the stupid pet trick of blocking bridge exits.

They laughed as ambulances were delayed, children confined to school buses for hours and hundreds of thousands of inconvenienced commuters fumed.

The crisis has transfixed the political and media world (unless you’re Fox News, which managed to pretend on Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity on Tuesday night that issues like Benghazi - yes, Benghazi - were more pressing.

No, I’d keep an eye on Bridget. “Omerta” is for the Italians. The Irish like to spill the beans when they have been wronged. The Irish evil eye is surely on Christie.