It’s unbelievable, but ScotsCare, the charity that ran its own Scot of the Year online poll, has released its final vote, and Gerard Butler has beaten superstar-singing phenomenon Susan Boyle for the 2009 title.

In their poll, Butler scooped 66 per cent of the vote, with our Susan trailing in a distant second with 26 per cent.

I know what you are thinking; those who plumped for Butler cannot see what is staring them in the eyes.

Or more likely, there were blinded by the dashing boy next-door looks of the rom/com action hero actor.

But was there a bigger star on the planet last year the Susan Boyle? Could you honestly argue that Butler captured the imagination of the world like Susan has since that famous appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

IrishCentral readers certainly saw the wood from the trees on this one. In our poll for Scot of the Year, Susan slammed Gerard in the face off, taking 65 percent of the tally and wining in a canter.

No disrespect, Gerard, you are carving up a healthy Hollywood career and if recent reports from the Golden Globes are to be believed, you have the beautiful Jennifer Anniston smitten by your charms, but you can’t tie Susan’s shoelaces when it comes to your respective performances during 2009.