One Direction's Zayn Malik is the 'best boyfriend

The One Direction singer is dating Little Mix's Perrie Edwards and she says the heartthrob is the perfect guy and their relationship remains strong due to their close friendship.

She told Twist magazine: “Zayn is so lovely.

“You know things are good when you can’t wait to see the other person. It’s a sense of friendship. The main thing I looked for is if he’s fun to be around, if I can have a laugh with him.

“When it’s more of a friendship, it can blossom.”

Perrie. 19, also insists Zayn, 20, who was accused of cheating on her with bar worker Courtney Webb, 21, a few months ago, treats her better than any other boyfriend she's ever had.

Perrie – who reportedly believes the heart-throb was set up - said: “I’d been on a few dates in the past with other boyfriends that didn’t go too well — I’d had loads of dating disasters! Zayn would never leave me with the bill like the other boys used to do!”

Zayn met the Little Mix singer on 'The X Factor' in 2011, and they have been dating for just over a year.