The news that Lindsay Lohan has " f..U " printed on her fingernail during a court appearance shows just how mentally insane she is.

The Irish American starlet is getting crazier with every passing tabloid story about her.

If the judge had seen the offending digit no doubt she would have given her a few years to cool her heels.

It is uncomfortable watching a car wreck happen in front of your eyes, but Lohan has had more chances than anyone to get her life straight.

At some point its not about her as much as it is about the example she is setting to young women anxious to blaze the Hollywood trail.

Sure she is dysfunctional and has a dreadful family, but she also has fame and fortune and is actually a very good actress.

All that will be forgotten about again as this latest episode of sheer madness plays out.

She is crazy as a loon these days

Don't be surprised if the judge recalls her for a further sentencing.