Simmons said he has a 'boy crush' on Clooney

The KISS bass player admitted he finds the hunky actor attractive at the Carousel of Hope gala in Beverly Hills, California, at which George was the guest of honor for his philanthropic work.

Gene told "What do you girls say when you like another girl, but you're straight?"

When told he was referring to a "girl crush," he added, "George could be my 'boy crush'," as he raised his eyebrows and tilted his sunglasses.

Gene's wife, Shannon Tweed, was also very complimentary about George, praising his giving nature.

She added: "You can't even fault anything about George. As much as you wanna criticize movie stars for what they make and do, he gives."

George also appeared at the event - which raised $2.5 million to benefit the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes - and joined singer Neil Diamond on stage to sing his classic track 'Sweet Caroline'.

In his speech, George promised to help end President Omar al-Bashir's tight control over Sudan, one of  the things he was helping finance to achieve this is a satellite which focuses on the country.

Other guests appearing at the event included 'Desperate Housewives' actress Nicollette Sheridan and two-time 'Dancing with the Stars' winner Julianne Hough.