Hugh Jackman in 'Wolverine'
The actor reprises his role as the claw-wielding anti-hero for a fifth time on the big screen and he reveals that he got into his character's angry mindset by taking a leap into the freezing cold water in Bondi
Beach in Sydney, Australia, where the film was shot.

He said: "One thing I do now is I jump in the ocean every morning. It's pretty cold, but just that feeling - that's Wolverine. Like when you have to have a shower butt there's only cold water and it really
pisses you off? That's how he feels 24/7."

As well as his watery habit, the actor also does quick workouts before scenes in order to appear out of breath on camera.

In an interview in Total Film magazine, he explained: "Sometimes you'll see me doing push-ups or squats before a take because I have to be out of breath on screen. I've made the mistake before of pretending
to be out of breath, and then suddenly I'm hyperventilating and I'm almost passing out."

Since first bursting on to the scene as Wolverine in 2000's 'X-Men', Jackman admits the strenuous role - which includes months of dieting and physical training in preparation - is much harder to play as he's
gotten older.

The 44-year-old star said: "I'll be honest with you, it gets harder. I also probably put higher expectations on myself every time. I don't get away with anything anymore!"