Glenn Beck Oval Office
For conservative pundit Glenn Beck blurring the line between reality and fiction has often been an irresistible compulsion. 

That's why some eyebrows were raised when he posted surprising pictures of himself sitting at what appeared to be the presidents desk in the Oval Office this weekend.

Few doubt that Beck would like to inhabit that office for real, but the just released photos which appear on actually remind you that it will always be a pipe dream for the pint sized pundit.

Beck has built an exact replica of the Oval Office for GBTV, a spokesperson said - hoping that the controversy may sell new subscriptions to the Beck owned and operated site.

According to the Huffington Post Beck is planning a series of weekly speeches about 'the things we wish the President would say to the American people – or the things he should say.'
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The speeches will be three to four minutes long, and will take viewers back to the early 1980's with their 'Reagan-esque' tone, sources say. The first one is scheduled for this Wednesday - and some snarky observers are hoping to catch a glimpse of Marty McFly's DeLorean in the background.

Beck has long been a fan of golden oldie style Oval Office addresses. Last March he assembled a hasty approximation of the Oval Office in his studio to blast President Obama's response to the Japanese earthquake, in the hope of twinning it with President George W. Bush's desultory response to Hurricane Katrina. The speech failed to gain the traction he had hoped for, however.